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Carbon Footprint Calculator

Carbon footprint calculator

Calculate your carbon footprint with this handy calculator. Our carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases we create as a direct or indirect result of our daily activities. The amount of these gases we produce is usually expressed in tons of carbon dioxide or CO2. Everything we do throughout the day contributes to our footprint, from the energy used to heat our homes to products and services used. Products, companies, organizations, and events also have their own carbon footprints and there are strict regulations in place to help them lower or maintain a certain level. Our emissions will never compare to those of a large corporation or local factory but we want to start small by calculating on an individual basis. Our Free Carbon Footprint Calculator is easy to use and will provide a great starting point towards living a greener life.

There are no correct answers to this calculation; obviously the lower a person’s emissions are the better. What we are really trying to do here is to highlight the connections between our actions and lifestyles and the amount of carbon required to support them.

Hit carbon footprint target with solar panels

Carbon Footprint Targets

The ideal carbon footprint per person varies wildly depending on the source. It seems to be from as low as two thirds of a tonne to about two tonnes of CO2. This is a long way from the Irish average of 12.8 tonnes per person (according to the SEAI). The global average per capita this decade is under five tonnes and governments have placed a target for us all to reach of 1.5 tonnes by 2050. This low figure has to be achieved in order to keep global warming below 2°C for this century. Having a figure to indicate our own or our household’s carbon emissions is an ideal starting point on the road to reducing our carbon count and taking an active role in combating climate change.

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