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Top Ten Eco-Friendly Lifehacks

Making a handful of tiny changes to the way you do things can make a huge difference to your eco-friendly lifestyle. Lifehacks are designed to make your life more efficient, giving you more time for yourself.

Solar Charging

Put a stop to the endless quest for power sockets and USB ports with a portable solar power pack. Solar energy chargers save the drain on the earth’s resources, will provide enough power to keep your phone topped up and can hold a reserve bank for the duller days or when you are indoors. With a solar charger you can use the WiFi hotspot in your favourite coffee shop without having to crowd round an overloaded power socket. Whether you are using mains or solar power to charge your phone, speed up the process by switching to flight mode.

Portable Phone Charger
Solar Power Bank

Eat Seasonal Vegetables

Shop locally for produce that is in season and explore a variety of fresh, healthy food. If you have the space grow your own fruit and vegetables without any fuss using a raised bed or a couple of patio planters. Support local producers and use farmers markets, saving on the fuel and environmental cost of transporting food from the other side of the world. Take the opportunity to try out new recipes to keep your diet interesting.

Hot Composting

Hot composers are super insulated compost bins, capable of processing all your kitchen waste naturally, producing rich crumbly compost for your garden or planters in about 6 weeks. The market leading Joraform can tackle fruit and vegetable scraps and any cooked food, including meat, fish and light bones. The insulated chambers are sealed so there is no threat from rodents and other wildlife.

Hot Composter
Joraform Hot Composter

Fix Things

Don’t throw out an electrical or mechanical appliance because it is acting up. Take it to a repair shop or, better still, learn how to fix it yourself. Most gadgets and household appliances can be repaired without too much technical knowledge, in fact 78% of vacuum cleaners stop working because the bag is full or a hose is blocked. Expand your technical knowledge at evening classes and train to be your own service technician. You can easily extend the working life of many much-loved items with a bag of spanners and YouTube.

Check out Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars are a simple solution to many of the problems attributed to single use, disposable plastic containers. Soap and shampoo don’t have to come in a dispenser bottle. Shampoo bars like the Lamazuna range are 100% natural with zero waste. They have paper packaging and no added chemicals, simply apply the bar directly to your wet hair for instant lathering

Soap Bar
Lamazuna Shampoo Bar

Shop Secondhand

There are plenty of bargains to be found in charity shops, car boot sales and flea markets. Stop contributing to the constant remanufacturing of clothing and household items when there are still so many in circulation. Some may be antiques and others just cast offs, but they all need a home, why not make it yours.

Use a Clothesline

A blustery day will dry and air your washing as well as a tumble dryer, without the bills or the carbon footprint.  Your clothes and linen will dry surprisingly fast and will all come back with the fresh fragrance of the great outdoors.

Wear a Pullover

Turn the thermostat down and put on another layer. Invest in some snuggly woollens and stop pouring energy and cash into your draughty home. Pullovers, cardigans or your favourite fleece and a cosy blanket will all keep you toasty till bedtime. You can even take up knitting and design your own winter warmers.


Warm Woollens
Recycled Woollen Throw

View our Warm Woollen Homeware

Slow Down

Stop charging around at top speed, wasting fuel and increasing the potential for an accident. By decreasing your road speed from 70mph to 56mph you will use 25% less fuel. Slacken the pace and watch the world go by at your leisure, don’t be in a hurry just leave the house 10 minutes earlier.  High speed and traffic related stress are a danger to your health.

Tap Water

Your local authority spends a fortune on piping, filtering, processing and pumping water to your sink, you may as well use it. Most bottled water comes from a similar source and doesn’t contain any special minerals that will transform your life, your complexion or your metabolism. It’s all just water, bottle your own.

An eco-friendly lifestyle can be achieved by taking the time to make some tiny changes to our busy lives. Looking after our environment is easy if we all take part.

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