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Eco Cleaning Products

Eco cleaning products are environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for the kitchen and home. We only stock sustainable and earth friendly products that are non toxic and low or no impact. Organic and eco friendly cleaning products are often quite hard to find. While it can be quicker and easier in many cases to just pick up a bottle of washing up liquid or floor cleaner from the massive aisles in your nearest supermarket, it makes all the difference in the world to choose environmentally friendly cleaning products from a sustainable source or with biodegradable packaging. There are many ways that a seemingly minute change in a regularly purchased washing up liquid or soap can help reduce our carbon footprint. Eco cleaning products are the perfect first step towards a green home or a greener life that is free from harmful chemicals that cause damage to our environment.

A lot of household cleaning products are harmful to our health and to the environment, and while they do list their ingredients on the back, these make very little sense to anybody that works outside of a lab. Cleaning products all tend to have some combination of the same warnings on the label: harmful if swallowed, avoid contact with skin and eyes, contact doctor if irritation persists. Well, I don't want any irritation to begin let alone be persistent and harmful if swallowed is not something that should be written on any product commonly housed in the kitchen. Eco cleaning products are a safe alternative to the legions of mass-produced and mass marketed harmful or chemical based cleaners on the market. There is a lot to be said for natural cleaning products with no toxic chemicals; for example: a lot of green cleaning products have a soft, natural odour, this is in sharp contrast to the chemical varieties that usually have a very strong scent and are very noticeable. I won't get into the all the benefits of cutting down on chemicals in the kitchen and bathroom but it is a ready and easy way to greatly reduce the impact that cleaning products have on the environment.

Green Cleaning
Green cleaning is the process of cleaning by only using cleaning products with environmentally friendly ingredients, and by only using procedures that are not detrimental to our health or the quality of the environment.  Green cleaning products do not contain toxic chemicals and are not manufactured or packaged using procedures that may directly or indirectly cause harm to the environment. Having a green home is great for us and great for the environment, maintaining a green home does not have to force a compromise as there are plenty of eco friendly products readily available.
One of the biggest questions we get asked is: Do eco cleaning products work as well as established, non-eco alternatives, or do they just serve to make you feel better about yourself? The answer is: they do both. With modern production methods and know how, green cleaning products clean every bit as well as non environmentally friendly products and yes they do make you feel good about using them.

Homemade concoctions have been around forever and seem to have perfect results when you first hear about them. We've all heard one: mix vinegar with bicarbonate of soda, add lemon to give it a more pleasing scent. The truth is vinegar and baking soda will only take you so far, they might make the perfect cleaner for certain stains and surfaces but they will never be an effective all-purpose cleaner. When they are mixed, baking soda and vinegar react to each other and begin to bubble, these bubbles do not do any deep cleaning.

Cruelty Free
Companies that are creating eco-friendly cleaning products, be it for the home or for personal care, are going all in. They not only create an environmentally friendly product, they use biodegradable packaging and an ethical production facility that is cruelty free. I was completely mistaken in thinking we did away with animal testing in the 90s; it is still quite prevalent in many industries. Eco friendly cleaning products are for the most part not tested on animals.

Our Eco Friendly cleaning products have been selected so every room in the house is covered, including the kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms, hallways, outdoor areas, and anywhere a good clean may be needed. As well as cleaning products, we also have high quality, sustainably produced cleaning implements.