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Eco Gardening Products

Creating an eco garden is an important part of helping the environment and goes a long way towards reducing the impact we have on the natural world.  Growing your own fruit and vegetables removes part of our dependence on large scale commercial agriculture and its reliance on carbon generating fertilizers and pesticides.

Using natural organic growing methods helps to maintain the fragile ecological balance without chemical intervention and provides good quality healthy food that is guaranteed to taste better. Home grown produce is good for the environment and is also good for you.

Soil is the foundation of any vegetable garden and if it is treated well it will reward you with great crops year after year. Ornamental gardens need the same degree of care and will always benefit from organic feeds and mulches to combat invasive weeds.

Your soil needs to conditioned and improved regularly to replace nutrients and rebuild structure after the demands of the previous year’s cultivation and the harsh winter weather. Start your eco-garden with raised beds or borders and supplement the soil with rich, crumbly homemade compost. This free resource is easy to produce and, with very little cost, will add all the necessary nutrients and friendly bacteria you need to bring your garden back to life.

Through the growing season it is important to meet the individual demands of your crops and more supplements may be needed. Effective eco-friendly alternatives are seaweed and farmyard manure. These contain valuable natural nutrients and minerals to aid plant development, from the growing stage right through to fruit development. Practicing a crop rotation system will help match the seasonal demands of the plant with the ability of the soil to provide nutrients naturally.

Pest control is always an issue for gardeners, desperate to protect their precious crops from hungry birds, insects and  snails. The use of pesticides may kill off any unwelcome visitors but this will also contaminate the garden.

A safe, organic method of pest control is plant protection, removing the opportunity for the pest to attack your crops. This can involve any barriers that effectively create a wall between plants and pests, weather or diseases. These may include butterfly and bird netting, micromesh, garden fleece, plant collars or garden cloches.