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Eco Friendly Homeware


Our Eco Friendly homeware collection contains a wide range of ethically sourced, environmentally friendly upcycled and recycled products. Eco friendly fashion and foodstuffs have long been around and celebrated, next up for the conscious consumer are eco friendly homeware and sustainable living products. These days there is an eco alternative for everything which is a great thing, but sometimes it can be difficult to separate a useful environmentally kind product from a slap dash attempt to fill a gap in a burgeoning market. All the homewares we have selected to join our range have been manufactured using ethical production techniques (usually on a smaller scale) and are made from sustainable, evnironment friendly materials all to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Building a green home can be seen as the crowning achievement of the eco warrior, but the cost and effort can be prohibitive to most of us. Eco friendly homeware is the ideal alternative to this as well as an excellent starting point for your green journey. Going green is a process and always begin with a few small changes, these can seem miniscule like using a reusable mug or switching to place mats made from sustainable materials but they really add up and usually lead to more eco awareness. Our environment and the plant and wildlife therein have been tremendously damaged since we industrialised but it is not irreversible. The more we move towards a no impact or low impact existence the more we slow down the damage so we can start fixing it.

Sustainable Homeware

Eco-conscious designers are making great progress in developing new products that take advantage of sustainable or recycled materials.  They have taken on the challenge of producing items for the home that use forward thinking processes to manufacture with materials like ethically grown bamboo and organic cotton. Single use plastic is an issue that currently needs addressing but  progress is being made in making plastic from corn or potato starch, both extracted from readily available vegetable crops. When these products have reached the end of their usable life, if they can’t be upcycled, they will simply biodegrade with zero environmental impact.

Homeware products are generally fragile and need to be treated with care as they make their way to the customer. Packaging is a major cause for concern  in that it provides unnecessary waste material that is invariably plastic based. We are developing working practices that will eliminate plastic packaging from our supply chain but will still provide the same level of product safety and security.  Using  recycled paper and cardboard creatively  will still protect your package from damage caused by stacking, rough handling and harsh weather without the need for plastic, polystyrene or bubble wrapping.