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Eco-Friendly Products for Babies

Any parent wants the best for their child, and that begins by giving them the best start in life.  By making the right choices for your child early on you can ensure they are healthy and that they have a healthy environment to grow in to.

Keeping your baby warm, safe and dry will inevitably involve using a range of products to make this important part of a young life easier. Using products that are reusable, recyclable and sustainable will go a long way towards helping our fragile eco-system and prevent any unnecessary harm to the environment.

Disposable nappies and wipes are quickly becoming a waste management problem, clogging drains and remaining buried  in landfill sites for a long time to come. While many nappies and wipes are marked as biodegradable, they will only break down if they are exposed to oxygen and sunlight. The waste in the disposable nappies is often absorbed into ground water, contaminating clean water sources.

There are now a range alternatives to disposable baby care products that don’t mean a return to the hard labour of terries and flannels. Modern reusable nappies are simple to use and quick and easy to clean, making them every bit as convenient as disposables but without the waste. In the long term reusable nappies and wipes work out cheaper than disposables.

Reusable nappies do not use plastic liners or absorbent gels and are just as efficeint with cotton or compostable paper inserts.  Disposable wipes are in the process of being withdrawn under new government legislation which will help relieve an escalating waste management problem.

Looking after Sensitive Skin

When choosing ecological products it is important to find something that respects the environment but doesn’t harm us as either. Young babies have much thinner, sensitive skin and need to treated gently, particularly at bathtime.

 Soaps and cleansers can be harsh and often wash away valuable natural oils while some fabrics can cause irritation and rashes.  It is always advisable to use substances with the fewer ingredients – without fragrances or preservatives and alcohol free. Bathing with just water and a soft cloth or sponge is often enough.