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Eco Friendly Products

Our eco friendly product range has been carefully selected to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to a lot of the wasteful and high impact products on the market. We will be constantly changing and adding to our eco shop as the months go on so if there is anything you think we should be stocking, please let us know through the contact form. Eco friendly products provide a sustainable, ethical, and low or no impact alternative to their mass produced counterparts that are often unnecessarily harmful to the environment. We live in a more eco aware society than we did even five years ago and as a result we now have access to organic, ethical, animal and environmentally friendly alternatives to almost everything we consume or use. Using eco-friendly or sustainable products is often the first, and is definitely the easiest step in going green. Our eco shop will focus on sustainable products that not only look and feel good but also work just as well as established varieties. Being ecologically aware no longer has to mean going without or settling for sub-standard goods or services. Our increased focus on climate change and environmental issues has encouraged many manufacturers to evolve and put as much thought and effort into eco and organic alternatives.

Our eco shop currently holds a range of bodycare, homeware, lifestyle, household cleaning, as well as energy and water saving products that have been carefully sourced and ethically produced. These products do not contain harmful ingredients and, where possible, any constituent parts are biodegradable, recyclable, or made from recycled or upcycled materials. We deal with suppliers whose manufacturing product development and testing processes are completely cruelty free meaning no people or animals are harmed. A lot of these new suppliers work hand in hand with endangered communities to establish sustainable production techniques that take advantage of sustainable or recycled materials and also benefit the locale.

Making The Ethical Choice

When it comes to the products and services we consume, making an ethical choice easily becomes going green. Cruelty free products reduce our impact on animals and when we say one of our eco friendly products is vegan friendly, we don't mean vegans can eat it but that it has been produced with no animal products or by-products. Just as important is when something is sustainably sourced, this means choosing products from a supplier based on their social, ethical, and environmentally friendly practices. Choosing to buy and sell Fair Trade products lowers our historically detrimental impact on small artisans and family farms in developing countries. This allows artisans, farmers, and developing nations to sell their product or produce at a fair price and earn a fair wage for their work. Low or No Impact products are those created in such a way as to not harm as much as possible and even benefit the environment.

Sustainable Packaging

One of the drawbacks of purchasing online can be the excess packaging that the consumer is left with at the end of the day. We know of course that our products need to be well packed so they make their way to our customers in the same condition as they left our warehouse. Therefore we have developed new working practices in our warehouses that eliminate us from introducing any more plastic packaging into the supply chain while still providing the same level of product safety and security. We use recycled paper and cardboard creatively to ably protect our packages from damage caused by stacking, rough handling and harsh weather without the need for plastic, polystyrene or bubble wrap.