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Eco Friendly Personal Care Products

Our range of eco friendly personal care products are all created using 100% organic or natural ingredients. They are manufactured using ethical and cruelty free production methods (usually small scale) and use biodegradable packaging where possible. Using chemical free hygiene and body care products mean we absorb much less chemicals and toxins and are exposed to less potentially harmful ingredients. Our skin absorbs up to two thirds of what we put on it and the rest gets washed down the drain and ends up in our local water treatment facility. Buying an eco friendly alternative not only leaves us feeling good inside and out, it is also less harmful to the environment. With modern techniques and a scientific understanding of how personal hygiene and beauty products work; eco friendly personal care products work just as well as non eco established ones.

All the products we use for personal care, skin care, hair & body care, hygiene, cosmetics, and fragrances are actually not regulated to the extent you would think. It seems like every other product these days boasts itself as a "Natural" product, this is a claim used by companies to sell a product that is seen as kinder and safer to the public. Unfortunately this word has been over used by marketing teams and a product can call itself natural even if only 1% or less is made from natural ingredients.

Eco Cosmetics
We are all aware what we eat and extremely careful about what we put into our bodies. We pay great attention to the inclusion of additives and preservatives. This attention to detail should also apply to skincare and beauty products, considering that they are absorbed directly through our skin, the largest organ of the body.

Eco cosmetics are those produced with completely natural ingredients in a sustainable way, they should also have biodegradable packaging and be manufactured in a low or no impact way with a cruelty free process.

Preservatives, fragrances and essential oils should all  be sourced ethically and contain only natural ingredients. Natural, organic ingredients that are kind to sensitive skin are readily available as alternatives to synthetic compounds.

Any beauty product bought in the UK or Ireland has to be cruelty-free considering that animal testing for cosmetic use in the EU has been banned since 2013. It is actually illegal to sell cosmetic products within the EU that have been, or that contain ingredients, newly tested on animals, although it is possible that some ingredients may have originally been tested on animals.

Natural and organic cosmetics are generally speaking, a lot kinder to our skin than their chemical based counterparts and the increase in demand for these eco cosmetics reflects this. A stroll through the cosmetic aisles in any store will show how saturated the market has become, there are endless choices of the very same product. Here at ecofox we have carefully tested and selected only those eco friendly cosmetics that actually work and leave you feeling great.