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Ecofox Gift Vouchers

Our gift vouchers make a great home and garden gift idea for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasions. Vouchers can be purchased for any amount and can be redeemed by the recipient in part or in full.

Please fill in the form below to order your voucher. The right hand 'recipients details' are optional, if these are filled the recipient will receive a mail from us to inform them a voucher has been purchased for them. Please leave these boxes blank if your voucher is a surprise present.


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Ecofox Gift Vouchers
Vouchers make great gifts, perfect for Christmas, birthdays, special occasions or just for the fun of it. They are available all year round for any amount and will suit any occasion. Our voucher system has been set up to be as flexible as possible for the recipient, they can be used all at once or in smaller amounts over multiple orders. Our voucher do not have an expiry date, as long as we're still here you can still use your voucher!

How Does it Work?

  1. You buy a gift voucher and give it to someone nice (or we can send it directly to them on your behalf)
  2. They redeem it by using the unique product I.D. number given on purchase.
  3. We send them their choice of product.

Our gift vouchers can be purchased for any amount at all and once purchased are ready for use. They can be redeemed by the recipient in full or partially over many orders or as part payment for an item of a higher value. Don't worry if the voucher gets lost, we keep all the details on the system and can easily trace it back and match it to the recipient.

Ordering A Voucher
All you have to do to order a voucher is fill out the form above and click Add To Cart, you then go through the checkout process as normal. The voucher code is sent digitally to The email addresses given, and then the physical voucher is posted out in the presentation box to the postal address you add during checkout. If you are buying a voucher as a surprise gift for someone you can leave the email address in the Recipient details column of the form above blank so they don't get notified of the purchase.

Buying an Ecofox Voucher is a great way to buy a versatile and eco friendly present.