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Fruit Cage Options

We stock two fruit cage systems depending on your site and budget. Our entry level 'Mainframe' kits are ideal for sheltered sites or for smaller cages while our Heavy Duty Crop Cages are more permanent structures that will withstand all weathers. We recommend dismantling Mainframe kits for Winter while our Heavy Duty cages are designed to remain outside all year round.

We offer a range of popular size kits for both options. We also supply all the parts as individual items so you can build your own custom design to whatever size and specification you require. 

Heavy duty steel fruit cage parts picker


Fruit Cages

A good fruit cage is a neat and tidy solution for year round crop protection from birds and animals. Pests like insects and birds in particular like fruit just as much as people do and fruit cages with garden netting offer the optimum plant protection in the fruit garden. As well as having some standalone, pre-made fruit cages, we have a fruit cage builder that utilizes a system of thick walled aluminium poles and heavy duty, hammer in connectors. The cages can be made to any size from small cages that cover one or two plants or bushes to much larger walk in fruit cages that can cover the entire plot. These are perfect for berry and currant bushes, all you need to do is assemble the cage to your required size, and stretch the plant protection netting over the top securing it in place.

What is a fruit cage?
A fruit cage is a garden structure covered with bird proof netting, they come in all shapes and sizes so finding one to fit in with a garden's existing design is never a problem. Growing soft fruit in the open can be near impossible as the fruit seem to call out to birds as soon as they are ripening, this is why a cage with bird netting is essential. Fruit cage kits are readily available and are usually made with aluminium rods and a variety of hard plastic connectors (like our mainframe cages), a more permanent structure can be made from timber. The netting used can also vary, a good net will keep out birds, butterflies, and wildlife like rabbits and deer.

What size to build?
Fruit cages come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. First think of what fruit you are growing and what portion of your garden will be used. Strawberries don't grow very high so a short rectangular cage will work for them and any other small fruit bushes also. If alot of your garden will be for fruit then a larger walk in fruit cage is ideal as they are easy to work in and can be made to cover as large an area as needed.

Build Your Own Fruit Cage
Our Fruit Cage plant protection builder allows you to build your own crop protection fruit or vegetable cages using a system of thick walled aluminium poles and heavy duty hammer in connectors. The cages can be made to any size from small cold frames and cloches to full walk in fruit cages. They are very easy to assemble and disassemble, and can quite quickly be moved around the garden or allotment as needed. Using our fruit cage builder, all you have to do is select all the components you need and we will ship it to you ready to assemble.