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Fruit Trees & Bushes

Our range of fruit trees and bushes for sale is constantly growing thanks to our customers demand and suggestions. We supply our fruit as bare root fruit trees, bushes, and canes straight from our tree nursery. The same quality control, care and attention to detail is applied as our vegetable plant nursery. All the fruit and berry varieties are chosen for their growing success in our climate as well as for their high yield. Growing fruit trees and bushes is very low maintenance and they will provide you with a tasty crop year after year.

Fruit Garden

We try to stock all the favourites to populate a great fruit garden with more added regularly. Here is a list of some of the fruits and berries in our online fruit shop: Apple trees, pear trees, strawberry, rhubarb, blueberry, raspberry, elderberry, cranberry, white and black grapes, blackberry, gooseberry, redcurrant, white currant, blackcurrant, mulberry, a delicious strawberry-raspberry hybrid, and plenty of unusual varieties such as: sunberry, loganberry, goji berry, chokeberry, jostaberry, worcesterberry, tummel berry, sea buckthor,n boysenberry, and tayberry.

Bare Root Fruit Trees

Grow your own fruit garden with our bare root fruit trees and bushes. The most cost effective way to grow your own fruit garden is to buy bare root soft fruit varieties in Winter when the plant is dormant and has lost its leaves. Raspberry canes and currant bushes can look no more than a pile of twigs but you will be surprised how quickly they will take off in the Spring. They are called 'bare root' because they have been dug up from our tree nursery and are sent out as is with no compost or container. This doesn't harm the little tree or bush as they enter a dormant state once they are dug up that also serves to make them easier to transfer than their potted counterparts. Bare root fruit trees and bushes can be planted from Autumn right through to early Spring, making them the ideal addition to your Winter garden.

Grow Your Own Fruit

Growing fruit is becoming more and more popular as both demand and shop prices are on the rise. Fruit and berries in particular are seen as the healthy choice and a 'superfood', but the price and quality in the supermarket can be off-putting - where has the flavour gone? A lot of commonly available fruit has traveled a very long way, probably from a super farm. Any fresh foods grown in this way have very high rates of pesticides but berries have the highest. Get the flavour back and enjoy fruit that really is a healthy choice by growing your own and having more control over what goes into or onto your food. Homegrown fruit is relatively hassle free and is one of the best investments you can make in your garden.We have a wide variety of hard and soft fruit and berry trees and bushes available along with all the help and growing advice you might need.

Growing Soft Fruit

In General soft fruit refers to soft skinned, juicy fruit borne on bushes or canes. The beauty of soft fruit canes and bushes is once planted they will produce abundant crops for 10 years or more before the bush starts to decline; all you need to do is add a good layer of manure around the bush in Spring, learn some basic pruning and protect ripening fruits from birds. Soft fruit is also easily frozen and can be used to make your own delicious jams and preserves so you’ll never have too much produce that you don’t know what to do with.

Fruit Cages

Pests like insects and birds in particular like fruit just as much as people do and fruit cages with garden netting offer the optimum plant protection in the fruit garden. As well as having some standalone, pre-made fruit cages, we have a fruit cage builder that utilizes a system of thick walled aluminium poles and heavy duty, hammer in connectors. The cages can be made to any size from small cold frames and cloches to full walk in fruit cages. Perfect for berry and currant bushes, all you need to do is assemble the cage at your required size, and stretch the plant protection netting over the top securing it in place.

Please note Quickcrop does not guarantee the further growth, flowering or yield of plants once delivered due to the fact that the care and husbandry after delivery is beyond our control.