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Gates, Fencing & Furniture

We supply a range of pressure treated garden gates, fencing and furniture from our sawmills in the North West of Ireland. All timber is treated against rot with long lasting Tanalith E treatment. We can supply anything from a single fence post to pallet loads for larger jobs all delivered to your door.

garden gates, fencing and furniture

Wooden Garden Gates

Our wooden garden gates and side gates are both functional and decorative, they are made from heavy duty timber and are reinforced with Z shaped cross pieces. They are all made from high end, imported softwood and are built using mortice and tenon joints for extra strength. The gates are all pressure treated once assembled to ensure they retain their superior finish regardless of the elements and remain the stylish entrance to your garden or yard for many years to come. The entirety of the gate gets treated so no ends or joints are left untreated, this is where most garden gates begin to get worn out and rot.

Side Gates & Posts

These wooden gates can also be used as side entrance gates and are designed to suit and fit onto metal posts, piers as well as our selection of garden gate posts. We stock a range of timber garden gate posts, square or with a nice shaped top. The posts are made from thick timber, pressure treated just like the gates and are more than strong enough to bear the weight of a garden gate. The gates have a symmetrical design and can be hung on a post to the left or the right, wherever they are needed. On all our gates the reinforcing cross pieces at the back finish flush against the gate's end pieces meaning they can be perfectly used with any type of gate hinge.

Painting & Staining

They can be painted, stained, or varnished to fit in with any existing decor. Whether it is for privacy, security or just to look well, our gates are sturdy and aesthetically pleasing enough to fit the bill. They are ideal for use as a boundary like ending a walkway, or for adding a visually appealing entrance to your front and back garden or yard. While our gates are quite competitively priced, we believe the security and peace of mind they offer is priceless especially when it comes to children, household pets and for deterring trespassers and strays from accessing your property. All our gates are professionally crafted here at home and we ship them out straight to your door fully assembled.

Driveway Gates

The driveway gate or front gate marks the boundary between your property and public property, it is generally the first thing encountered by visitors to your home. We stock a range of heavy duty driveway gates or entrance gates that are all pressure treated after first being professionally built by hand. The gates are treated to withstand our often inclement weather and last for years as the gateway to your home or land. Driveway gates, when closed, deter both vehicular and foot traffic from entering your property unwanted as well as providing security against pets and small children wandering off.

View Our Gates On Your Property

Buying a gate can be a big decision and we are here to help every step of the way. We supply artwork to view our gate designs on your property. If  you like to know what any of our driveway, side, and garden gates look like on your property simply take a photo of your driveway, walkway, or garden entrance on your phone and email it to us at quickcrop@gmail.com. We will send back artwork with the gate of your choice superimposed on the image to help you make the right choice.