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  • The Heavy Duty Hoe from Chillington
  • See how it easily handles the earth.
  • Comes with its own handle which can be easily replaced
  • The Heavy Duty Hoe from Chillington with powerful head

Chillington Heavy Duty Hoe or Digging Azada With Handle


In a nutshell....

The Chillington Heavy Duty Hoe or Digging Azada With Handle is a superbly robust tool is the main stay of some agricultural workers and market gardeners as it basically replaces the garden spade for digging your soil, as it is far superior and faster for digging ground over.

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Chillington Heavy Duty Hoe / Digging Azada comes with handle included

The Heavy Duty Hoe or Digging Hoe is, as in it's name, the garden tool for  digging what could be described as virgin ground or hard ground.  This superbly robust tool  is the main stay of some agricultural workers and market gardeners just as a garden spade is to the diy gardener. In fact this Heavy Duty Chillington Hoe basically replaces the garden spade for digging your soil, as it is far superior and faster for digging ground over.  The Head measures 215mm x 165mm and is about as heavy as you could use comfortably.

So you gardeners and vegetable growers if you haven't already got these tools, try one out, because when you do, you will never go back to using the old garden spades again. The Hoe Head is 18cm or 7"inches wide so a very Heavy strong tool with the head weighing 1.1kg.

The handle is the secret for using these digging hoes because it acts as a lever to break and lift the compacted soil loose from the ground.  You can actually lift the end of the handle with one finger.  It has been specially designed to provide more hoeing power with less effort on your part.

For ground clearance of overgrown ground there is nothing better as a manual hand tool. The hoe head can chop straight through tree roots and simply smashes woody growth, clearing the densest of weedy ground. Briars and small woody growth is no problem, and you are able to clear the root system at the same time. 

In some countries these tools are known as digging azadas or heavy duty azadas, but Chillington a UK company based in the West Midlands, are the worlds leading manufacturer of these tools and have been manufacturing them for over 100 years.  Proof that not only are they a great tool but also that Chillington are a manufacture of quality garden tools.

Heavy duty azadas are the work horse of these great tools because you can actually do so much varied work with them because they are so universal.  For example besides cultivating land for vegetables and gardens they are in common everyday use for .... Making pathways for walkers and cyclists .... For excavating archaeological remains by Archaeological teams .... Drainage trenches by road workers .... Fire breaks by forestry workers ... Clearing undergrowth by horticultural workers .... In fact the list is endless with them even being used for road making and grave digging in other countries. So whether you refer to them as a Chillington Heavy Duty Hoe, A Digging Hoe, Heavy Duty Azada or Digging Azadas here in Europe, they are certainly a "Great Tool" what ever their name is around the world.

Highly recommended tool that could last a life time. I suppose we should call them "Grandpa's tools" because you will most likely find them in his old garden tool shed as they last so long being so well made and designed. Remember these are not like newer garden tools you will find in a garden centre. The handles are rough and ready and do the job in hand better than other modern tools.


Head is 6.5in (17cm) wide

Weight 1.1kg

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April 09th, 2019
I had always trouble to get my beds ready on time using forks and spades. That is no more my problem as this hoe is so incredibly fast and efortless. It is amazing for digging virgin ground as it is great for digging over already cultivated patch. It is well balanced hoe and there is just right amount of iron for great efficiency. I also had problem with the iron becoming lose and spinning around the shaft and taping with hammer as shown in instruction video did not go anywhere as there is not much ledge to hit on.So I applied polyurethane adhesive on the shaft where the iron sits and then I tapped the iron in. Then I let it dry for twenty four hours. The polyurethane adhesive slightly expands to get a grip and also is water resistant. So far there is no movement after digging over quater of an Acer. Another way I know about is heat the loop of iron with oxy butane torch. The heat expands the loop. Then tap the iron on the shaft. When the loop cools down it shrinks and has much greater
Carol Gardener
March 29th, 2019
Top quality garden tool - can’t believe how easily it slices through heavy, clay soil - a very overgrown bed has been cleared with ease this morning. As a nearly-60 year old female I was concerned that it may have been too unwieldy but not at all. Excellent customer service, with very quick delivery - very happy to recommend!
February 28th, 2019
I bought this hoe a year ago more in hope than expectation after taking over a weed-infested allotment that was impenetrable to spade and fork. I was initially disappointed when the hoe arrived because It seemed so light. I was wrong: it's the best piece of equipment I have ever bought. It eats its way through thickets of nettle and briar roots, compacted soil, and clay. After using it over the past year I recommend it to anybody. Pros: Sturdy, easy to use (when you get the hang of it), relatively little effort required to break up solid ground, incredibly powerful, won't be put off by matted roots, great value for money. Cons: Head works loose and spins on the handle no matter what I do to secure it, I think this is a design flaw that should be addressed. But don't let that put you off, it still works really well and I wouldn't swap it for anything,
December 05th, 2018
Excellent item strong and sturdy.
John Forristal
September 11th, 2018
This hoe makes light work of some clumpy soil and slices through roots. Well worth the money.
SeamusO Ciardhuain
August 28th, 2018
Much easier to use than a spade, especially in unprepared ground. The longer version of the handle gives great leverage when digging. I found it hard to get the head to stay on but a couple of nails wedged it securely.
Jesper Jochumsen
August 16th, 2018
good robust quality
david Knight
July 19th, 2018
This Azada deserves its place in cutlivations long history look at news and documentaries and there you will see this tool in use right across the world by farmers. Its a fanastic effective tool for heavy diggig, ground clearance the lot. Also bought one for my son for his new alotment plot, he likes it too.
Claire Dunleavy
July 06th, 2018
This hoe is great for garden work. The large chunky head is great at removing large clumps of dirt and cutting through thick roots. I'm very impressed at the lack of strength necessary to get the work done and how it doesn't hurt my back thanks to the lever action. Great delivery speed to. I got it the next day :D
July 01st, 2018
Very happy with the hoe. It is very robust and makes clearing weeds and digging tough ground easier than with the traditional spade or shovel
martin ryan
June 16th, 2018
best tool in the garden now
Matt Innes
May 28th, 2018
I had been after one of these digging hoes for ages and Quickcrop was the first website to have the very tool I was was easy to order and delivery was quick and painless. putting the Hoe together was easy as well and my first use of it was to dig a trench or two for my spuds. It fairly broke up the compacted soil/clay and scooped out the soil. It took a few minutes to get a comfortable technique going. So I would certainly look at this site again for information and or tools in the future.
March 24th, 2018
Excellent product - nothing else I've tried can handle our heavy clay soil but the Adza just chews through it. Feels like it'll last forever too.
Abbey Hyde
March 20th, 2018
Brilliant - makes digging much easier. Would never use a shovel for clearing a garden after this.
Richard Shelly
February 27th, 2018
Arrived on time and it looks great. Can't wait to use it in the garden
January 17th, 2018
Just taken on an allotment which has been left for three years. The soil is clay and riddled with weeds. After a nights rain I attacked it with the heavy duty azada. Brilliant, I am delighted. I am female and 5 ft 6 and managed to clear loads. This is an efficient tool that does the job.
November 25th, 2017
Very simple effective tool. Saves your back tremendously, is very powerful and clears overgrown allotment with a passion. I love this tool. The only thing I don’t like is that I’m running out of land to use this on. I really enjoy putting manners n my plot that I have neglected
Victoria Beckett
September 05th, 2017
Chillington hoe is excellent quality, glides through soil with ease, very solid, and my husband loves it! Highly recommended. Delivery was very good and reliable.
July 10th, 2017
I use this Azada for digging trails in forests and it is perfect for chopping through roots and tangled ground. The wide adze cuts through difficult ground and edges well. It can be sharpened and then it can tackle thicker roots. But the handle is not quite up to the level of the head. It's round and difficult to get to stay put and not spin. And oval head with recess for the handle would have been better. Get it to stay put and you will wonder what you ever used a shovel.
John Willmott
April 18th, 2017
Wow! I have not used one of these for years, so it was good to get one again. Very versatile and perfect for people aiming for a more permaculture style of gardening. What an incredible back saver. Lightweight to use, you just trust the weight of the blade to do the work. A lot of work done in a short space of time. I went for the longer handle, and highly recommend that for better work. If there were 6 stars or more, I would click it for this !!!
Richie Byrne
February 25th, 2017
I'm a famous Mountainbiker who builds trails...I bought the Chillington hoe because I heard it was deadly for trail building , it didnt disappoint , does away with several tools, getting it was quick easy and the complimentary packet of jellies was awesome, your site is, I cannot think of anything I didnt like ! great product !
Eileen Clarke
January 31st, 2017
Bought this for new allotment. Spade was not able to open soil but this how was fantastic. It worked perfectly and quickly and I honestly don't think we could have made progress we did without it. Great force for heavy ground.highly recommended
David Tully
December 19th, 2016
Brilliant tool for mountain bike trail clearing and maintenance. Would be very useful in the garden if applied there also :)
September 19th, 2016
I bought this as i was laying a lawn strip of pavers and needed to dig out a small trench, this tool did the job quickly and is excellent for clearing areas that you want to re purpose, if your on the fence regarding purchasing i'd go for it, its a tool that will stand to you. I did drive screws into the handle to secure the blade but that was personal preference!!
Jane Doran
July 16th, 2016
I bought the Chillington heavy duty hoe. Its very strong and well made. Sturdy handle. Great for digging through thick roots and rocky ground and lifting turf. It makes jobs like that quick and easy so its well worth every penny. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. And free jellies!
July 13th, 2016
This gardening implement is afraid of nothing. It will take on briars, roots of all kinds, weeds won't stop it. Using the heavy duty hoe speeds up all kinds of clearing jobs. The hoe is easy to use and is the correct weight so little effort is needed to gain maximum heft. I think all gardeners should have one of these hoes.
John Monaghan
April 02nd, 2016
Great product which works very well. I had difficulty keeping the head firmly attached to the handle though
March 14th, 2016
Great tool for heavier duty work. Important to fit the head tightly to the handle. Very pleased with the tool.

February 16th, 2016
I bought this tool recently and am amazed with how easy it is to use and how effective.I can tackle all those jobs like breaking up the soil and renovating vegetable patches with ease and all those back-breaking jobs that I was putting off are "done and dusted"with little effort,fantastic,Deirdre
Raina Howe
February 12th, 2016
Great tool for soil that has been completely overrun with weeds and the roots of shrubs for years. We had our large patch dug for garlic in no time at all. I would have ordered the longer handle, as it would have made the job easier on the back with leverage but this is my favourite tool in our garden now.
January 24th, 2016
Great quality tool with a solid blade and strong handle. Very good for digging through roots or thick weeds and briars. I went for the longer handle as I'm 6'2" and I find it very comfortable. The blade tends to come loose on me after 10-15 minutes of constant use so I carry a hammer with me to tap it back in. (I'm possibly doing something wrong to cause this, so just be aware that it isn't foolproof.) 4 stars is probably a bit harsh, my rating is more like 4.7.
Chillington Heavy Duty Hoe or Digging Azada With Handle
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Chillington Heavy Duty Hoe or Digging Azada With Handle
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