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  • The Ridging Azada the perfect garden tool for seed trenches and spuds
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The Chillington Ridging Hoe (Azada) With Handle


In a nutshell....

The ridging hoe from the chillington range of premium quality gardening tools comes with handle included and is great for digging ridges or trenches in the garden

Handle Size

The Chillington Ridging Hoe is great for making potato ridges or lazy beds, it comes with handle included

Chillington Ridging Hoe ( also known as a Ridging Azada )  is used for making potato ridges, lazy beds or seed trenches for planting seeds and young plants. Sturdy strong and made to last a lifetime but far faster to work with than a traditional spade. Much sought after tool used extensivly by small to medium Organic growers who wouldnt use anything else, comes with a 12 month Chillington warranty.

Why Use A Chillington Ridging Hoe

Lazy beds or potato ridges are still in use to day as a perfect way to grow root crops and allow excess water to drain away. Chillington manufacture this special Hoe for making potato ridges or lazy beds as fast as possible and is many times faster than trying to achieve this with a garden spade.  This great tool which is also known as a Pointed Azada is unique in it's shape. With this you can easily form shallow grooves in the soil for seed trenches, dig deeper and wider drainage channels so you can scoop the soil out to form your lazy beds or potato ridges.

This special Chillington Hoe is not really a hard digging garden tool, but more a special Hoe tool for shaping the soil and basically moving your soil around to form the growing environment you require for your root vegetables.  It's design allows you to do these tasks with ease and at speeds which can be 3 or more times faster than your traditional garden spade and this is proven.  A normal person (man or woman) of just average build can make a 25 feet long ridge or lazy bed in less than 4 minutes. This means a parallel double trench with the soil mounded in the centre 25 feet long by just digging in to the soil  and pulling it up and lifting it in to the centre, and this is acheived as fast as you are working backwards at normal working speed with this unique gardening Hoe tool. Now we dare say it could be done faster, but this was just at normal working speed. What a great way to grow your spuds with minimum effort !

This unique Hoe has been used for other uses we are informed by people who have purchased this great tool. One man has told us that it is great for his stoney soil as the pointed blade on this special Hoe is able to get in between the stones when cultivating his vegetable plots. Another happy purchaser told us that he found it great for planting whips (young trees). The thing is with these tools is they have been around for hundreds of years in one form or another and people have discovered they can be used for a whole range of different tasks.

The name Hoe given to these tools is kind of misleading because they are purposely designed gardening/agricultural hand tools and far more useful and  important than your normal garden Hoe. Maybe the reason for them being called a Hoe was because that was the name given to a tool head on a long handle? .... Do you gardeners know or have more historic information on these brilliant Hoe type tools? .... If you do please write in and let us know or reply to our special Chillington Hoe tools feature in our October 2012 Blog special.  But one thing is certainly for sure and that is that Chillington certainly make some fantastic, robust and made to last great garden tools.

Remember these are not some new fancy tool and the handles are rough and ready. They do the job excellently and will last until the next generation as tools should.


Handle Length: 120 cm (47.5 in)

Head Size: 19cm L x 18cm W (7.5in x 7in)

Write a Review
noni B. D.
January 24th, 2020
Agree with the others, can't go wrong with tis hoe.
October 21st, 2018
Very pleased with the hoe.Without a doubt my favourite garden tool .
Malcolm Berry
July 05th, 2018
An excellent tool, sturdy, not too heavy for prolonged use, and very effective for breaking ground and for ridging, drawing drills and probably more. Much easier on the back than a traditional spade.
Gene Hardy
April 20th, 2018
Chillington know what they are doing, these are more than just hoes. This ridging hoe is hands down the best hoe/digging tool i have ever used.
February 14th, 2018
A fantastic tool,great for many uses ,don't be without one
Jesper Jochumsen
October 12th, 2017
good robust quality
August 06th, 2017
I purchased this, this year along with the fork hoe and while not used as much I've used it several times, not least making my potatoes beds and also using it to earth up on the ridges. I've also used to to break down clods of earth and it's neat tip helps with creating finer / smaller drills and rows.... much straighter and easier than with a spade. I've enjoyed using this tool and it's a keeper. I work a stony clay allotment.
June 11th, 2017
fantastic tool so easy to use best hoe I ever had
January 30th, 2017
I use it to make drills and raised beds. It is light and easy to use. The head remains tight, though it is not used as mush as baby hoe or light fork hoe.
John Willmott
December 11th, 2016
Stunned by this tool, its versatility and power from such a simple idea. Forget rotovators. I use this as a general digging tool and it does a terrific job very quickly. Also, its not back breaking. The weight of the blade does the work, not you. I ordered the long handle for this and recommend that. A tool that will last for many years.
May Toner
December 06th, 2016
I bouht the Chillington ridging Hoe with handle recently, and I found it very easy to fit the handle. I have a bad back and found using it so easy even to uproot some heavy weeds it worked well. A great product. Will shop with tiis company again. Regards May
Derek Murray
June 21st, 2016
This does a myriad of things around the garden from making seedling drills to just been a great digger. I'm very happy with this purchase
Sean Byrne
April 10th, 2016
Perfectly suited for the job. Not only does it make earthing up the spuds a lot easier it also weeds at the same time.
The Chillington Ridging Hoe (Azada) With Handle
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The Chillington Ridging Hoe (Azada) With Handle
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