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Joraform Compost Tumbler JK270 'Big Pig'


In a nutshell....

The Jora 'Big Pig' Compost Tumbler is a Rotary Composter, also called JK270. It is a fast working composter that recycles up to 2.5kgs of waste each day. Much faster than other composters. 

The Joraform Compost Tumbler For Faster Home Composting

New updated Version with improved insulation just arrived in to stock. 

The Jora rotary composter is also known by its technical name JK270, or more affectionately as 'Big Pig'. We can't believe how quick and efficient this composter is. It takes up very little room and composts so fast you struggle to keep it full. No rodent problems or strong smells, fits easily in a small garden. You can even add cooked meat and fish waste! This unique digester is a home composting system that will recycle household food waste and garden waste of up to 2.5kgs daily.

The "Big Pig" digester is like a large mechanical stomach that literally digests the organic matter you feed it.
A fully insulated, 116cm x 88.6cm  bin that bolts on to the side of your house, it’s clean,
self-contained, and it turns food waste into rich compost faster than the average household can fill it.

The Big Pig is so well insulated that the internal temperature reaches around 75 degrees centigrade. At that kind of temperature the micro-organisms work so fast that you can almost see the food breaking down before your eyes

Composting occurs at temperature intervals of+2 to +78C. Different micro-organisms work at different temperature intervals. Higher temperatures give a higher degree of hygienic composting, and are, therefore, more favourable.With equal moisture distribution and oxygen configuration in the Little Pig unit, plus with continued addition of waste, the temperature will rise to 65-75C. You don't have to buy a thermometer, as you will see the steam rising from the contents. In fact, it can get too hot to bury your hand in it - should you wish to do so!

Two Compartments for Maximum Results
The digester is divided into two compartments. When the first compartment is full (approx. 6 weeks) it is covered with a metal plate (provided). When the second compartment is full the first can be emptied of its’ finished compost.

Features & Benefits:
'Continuous-use' dual chamber composter
Durable, rust proof galvanized steel construction
Holds 7.5 cubic feet (60 gallons) of compost
Operating capacity: 4-7.5 gallons per week
Side vents provide aeration, and speed up composting
Reduces or eliminates odors
Fully-enclosed and pest resistant
Rodent proof - elevated so rodents cannot access waste
Set up to be either freestanding or mounted

Exterior: galvanized, powder-coated steel panels
Insulation: 2.16" polyethylene - a stable, non-toxic plastic
Stand: galvanized steel
Stainless steel hardware

Remember these units come in a box and need to be assembled however we have a great Youtube Video on our channel about how to assemble them which is definitely worth watching before assembly.

Rotating Compost:
Easy to rotate - simply turn by hand after adding waste
Fresh waste is brought into direct contact with decaying waste
Adds air to the mixture, providing oxygen that is vital for the process

Dimensions of Composter: 91cm wide x 76cm deep

Dimensions of complete unit on Frame: 130cm high x base of frame 114cm wide x 72cm deep


JK 125 

JK 270 

JK 400 

Dimensions drum (mm)

710 x 600 

920 x 700 

1170 x 800 

Dimensions incl. stand (mm)          

950 x 700      

1150 x 700     

1400 x 800 

Height incl. high stand (mm)








Volume (liter)




Capacity l/week




Write a Review
February 14th, 2020
More than I needed.
January 17th, 2020
Samm Lewis
January 17th, 2020
This is the one to get if ur in 2 minds about it well pleased
Harry Stockton
December 04th, 2019
Can't fault. Maybe assembly could have been easier but i have it now 4 months and the results are smashing so delighted i bought it for the house. Expensive but i reckon in time i will get my money back on top grade compost. Uses more pellets than i thought
Peter Shorte
October 11th, 2019
Perfect, waited until I got some compost out of it for review. Top marks
Aine Butler
August 13th, 2019
I bought this composter a few months ago and have waited a while to review it. I wish I had got it years ago! Absolutely fab, I put in a 10L bucket of all kitchen waste every day or two along with a handful of wood pellets. I haven't even filled up the first compartment yet! It breaks down quicker than I thought possible. Highly reccommend it. Use the pellets and keep tumbling it.
April 05th, 2019
Having given Full name and address, Eircode and mobile number, my Big Pig did not arrive. I eventualy colledted it from a fastway depot, the fastway office told me no Eircode or mobile number was displayed on any labels on both boxes so they were unable to contact me to deliver the parcels. It took 3 people 7 hours to construct the pig whilst using the you tube video and instructions given. We found it very challenging and exhausting, however we managed to complete the task and now we await to see how useful and effective it will be
February 09th, 2019
we love it, We used it for more than 18 month. Moved bottom tube to the back, and raised the unit up on some bricks, so our wheelborrow fits under when we empty. We have 2 loose trays under to collect the juices (fertiliser) Need a lot of wood pellets, which are better than paper. No smells. Noting we don't like about it.
January 30th, 2019
Fantastic composter. Breaks scraps down extremely quickly, I set it up in early November and we've had 6-12 people in the house since. I've been emptying alternate sides every 2-3 weeks (so 4-5 weeks total composting time in the pig) then letting it age in a spare wheelie bin. It definitely gets hotter when I use wood pellets rather than card/paper as a carbon source. And it takes more pellets than you'd think to keep it from getting wet and stinky.
August 18th, 2018
I have to say. It was money well spent. It is awesome. No smell,no rodents and so easy to use. I am not sure to what level I fill the compartment.that is the only query I have. I give it 10/ 10.
Alan Shuttleworth
April 27th, 2018
I have read some comments about people struggling to make panels line up when assembling so:- Assembled my JK270 today and here are some tips. 1: Unlike the video, the bottom horizontal tube should be at the back. 2: Use one of the self tapping screws to start the threads in all the holes in the end panels to make final assembly easier. 3: Before making the holes in the insulation for the nylon screws, stand the unit up with the end panels, insulation & centre panels in place then fit four insulated horizontal panels top, bottom, left and right to make sure the insulated panels are lined up correctly, then push the nylon screws through. There is room to fit the nuts and tighten with the horizontal panels in place. 4: Remove the horizontal insulated panels and then assemble all the panels and doors in the correct order as in the instructions. By taking the time to do this you will find that everything fits beautifully into place as mine did. Really pleased with the unit, I loaded my
Carol Penney
April 26th, 2018
March 20th, 2018
This tumbler is easy to use, I’ve not had a first batch out of it yet, but am seeing how it breaks down material. Cutting vegetable matter into smaller chunks does help. Construction was straightforward and the video certainly helped as did some of the feedback on the reviews.
March 16th, 2018
It leaks and not sure if I am doing something wrong ??? I give it 5 stars for getting rid of All kitchen waste
September 17th, 2017
A great invention that fits well with a well orginised garden. Easy to fill and turn.Difficult to assemble as the enclosed directions for assembly were not clear and did require the help of two persons. It is heavy when assembeled. No regrets of purchase.
Martin Forde
August 23rd, 2017
The Joraform Compost Tumbler JK270 " The Big Pig" is absolutely brilliant. One of our best investments. We found the video extremely helpful in assembling it. No house should not be without one. Excellent quality compost. A huge saving on waste collection.
June 26th, 2016
If I hadn't watched your youtube video I'd have struggled with the bare-bones assembly instructions. For an item of this cost, I would have expected proper guidance on use. Otherwise fine so far.
April 19th, 2016
Great product,quick delivery,friendly and helpful courier. The Joraform composter isn't too hard to put together if you watch the very helpfull video on the Quickcrop web site. This video allowed me to complete the job in about 70 minutes,without this help it Would have taken much,much longer as the included instructions from platform are poor. Price wise a bit expensive . I gave it five stars because I was able to get the price down by 12% by availing of the black Friday deal. The insulation appears to be about two inches thick and this item is of very good quality. Only just started to use it so too early to say much other than it is easy to spin and feels quite sturdy in use.
Emily Fitzgerald
March 17th, 2016
Bought the JK270 about a month ago and just got around to assembling it last weekend. The assembly video is spot on and made putting it together extremely easy. Would have been lost without it as there were no instructions in the boxes we received. There was a packet of jellies though which helped me through the process - thanks Quickcrop!! ;-) It does need two people towards the end and brute force is needed to push the panels into place...I made it as far as this assembling it on my own. Two people also needed to tighten everything at the end. I've put a few loads in so far and looking forward to getting into the swing of using it and getting compost over the coming months. My rubbish bin contents (and that of my parents) is already greatly reduced! :-) Will post another review in 4/5 months.
Joraform Compost Tumbler JK270 'Big Pig'
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Joraform Compost Tumbler JK270 'Big Pig'
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