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Raised Flower Beds

Raised flower beds supplied in a flat pack kit. These kits are perfect for growing flowers, shrubs and plants anywhere in the garden. The thicker timber has rounded edges and is treated to last many years of continuous use in the garden, greenhouse or polytunnel. The treatment used is a food grade timber treatment that is certified as safe to use with organic food crops. The flower beds are delivered flatpacked in an easy to assemble kit that comes with all necessary fixings and assembly instructions. Our raised flower beds are available in square and rectangular shapes of varying heights, as well as some very stylish split level varieties. Our timber flower beds are made from spruce wood and retain their natural finish to fit in with any home or garden design.

Why use a Raised Flower Garden

Having a flower bed raised off the ground limits the amount of maintenance that will be required later on. Because the soil in a raised bed is confined, it warms quicker than the ground and is much easier to weed and treat with various soil feeds and improvers. Plant protection also becomes much easier with a smaller area to protect and the sides of the flower bed can be used for attaching protection netting and mini tunnels. The extra height protects flowers and plants from paw and foot traffic too, so no more waking up to broken flowers that never got a chance to impress the neighbours.

Split Level Raised Flower Beds

We have two different designs of split level raised flower bed. The first one is the flower bed with garden bench; this is a raised flower bed with split levels, one 21in high and the other 14in high and has a garden bench attached along the side for working from or relaxing on. The other bed has two levels at 21in and 14 inches and measures 6ft x 4ft. This creates an eye catching stepped garden effect that is hard to ignore when colourful flowers and plants are spilling from one level to the next.
Timber Raised Flower Beds

Our raised flower beds are made with the same high quality 1.25 inch thick timber boards with rounded edges as our Premier range and 3in square corner posts. Beds for growing flowers are available in a range of sizes from 3ft x 3ft up to 6ft x 6ft, and in a range of heights from 7in to 21in. There are also some split level planters that look great when overflowing with flowers and other plants. All these beds come in easy to assemble kits with instructions and all fixings included. All our timber is treated to last approx 10 years of continuous use and the treatment used is safe for use around food crops and wildlife.

Planting Bulbs in Raised Flower Beds

Raised flower beds are very well suited to growing your own flowers. The extra height protects flowers and shrubs from foot traffic as well as pests and wildlife that can not climb. A good raised flower bed can provide a burst of colour in an otherwise green or brown landscape and can perfectly complement flower filled borders and containers. Planting flowers is very straight forward and doing it in raised beds can take a lot of the hassle out of the process. Bulbs should be planted with their pointy side pointing upwards in an area that gets full sun for a good portion of the day. The depths to plant different flower bulb varieties varies from plant to plant, but a good rule of thumb is to make a planting hole that is roughly three times the bulb's diameter. Short and long handled bulb planters can be a very helpful addition to the tool shed if you are planning on multiple raised flower beds or a larger flower garden, they create a hole and remove excess soil all in one motion. Some good multi purpose fertilizer should be added in to the planting hole when filling it and then water well. Growing tips for flowers are available across the site.