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Soil and Compost

Soil & compost bags, soil improvers, and soil testing equipment. There is no big secret to becoming an ace vegetable gardener as the answer is in the soil. Vegetables are demanding plants so need the best fed soil you can give them to produce the best crops.
Good soil produces strong and healthy crops better able to withstand attacks from pests and diseases. Organic, naturally grown vegetables are also healthier for you and for that reason we only stock natural soils, composts and soil feeds.

Garden Soil & Compost
The most important part of growing your own vegetables, plants and flowers is the topsoil in your garden. Soil is like the beating heart of your garden, we take a lot of nutrients from the soil when we harvest our vegetables and this needs to be given back for the next seasons crop to thrive.

Topsoil is alive with micro-organisms and animal/insect life which all add their own little elements and makes the ideal environment for plants and vegetables to thrive. Add compost or manure as food and you have the perfect combination and cannot fail to produce strong and healthy plants.

Our topsoil & compost is purpose made for successful vegetable growing. Good topsoil is essential for plants to thrive, if the make-up of this topsoil isn't correct then there is no way any of your vegetable plants can grow successfully. Quickcrop's topsoil is carefully formulated so the correct mixture is attained for growing vegetables. Compost feeds and nourishes your vegetables. Again if compost isn't made correctly then your vegetables may not get the nourishment they need. Quickcrop's compost is purpose made for vegetable growers. Our environmental policy assures gardeners that no peat is used in our topsoil and compost. When growing vegetables they take much needed nutrients and minerals from the soil as they grow. It is essential that your soils nutrient balance is kept correctly, so adding regular compost to your soil will make sure that your vegetable crops can flourish to perfection. Vegetables need feeding and your soil needs regular conditioning, a purposely formulated compost is the correct way to do this.

We took expert advice from leading organic growing advisors such as Klaus Laitenberger and others as to what kind and where to source these two essential elements which are needed for healthy plants. After much searching of quality produced soil and composts we found a unique product made in Ireland which can only be described as vegetable/plant dynamite. This excellent product is called "Envirogrind".

Envirogrind is a special "enriched" compost and must be the best compost material on the market today, it's rocket fuel for vegetables!  It is made from natural ingrediants such as composted green material which has been rotted down organically and other unique ingredients such as fish blood and bone from the fish processing factories at Kilibegs in the North West of Ireland.
This super compost is a fantastic product which has been carefully developed for vegetable gardeners. In trials at Quickcrop we've found adding one bucket per square metre of topsoil will increase the yield of potatoes by nearly 50%!. Envirogrind is a natural and sustainable product, perfect as a soil improver to improve you crop yields.

Vegetable Soil & Compost mix
The bulk bags of soil that we supply for raised beds is a topsoil mix that is carefully formulated for vegetable growing. This vegetable soil mix is made up of 3 main components which include approximately - 50% top quality screened topsoil, 40% of peat free compost which is composted green plant material, and 10% horticultural sand to give perfect drainage.

Soil mix and Envirogrind compost can all be delivered nationwide in our cubic metre bags. One cubic metre of soil will fill 1 x 6ft by 3ft 14inch high timber raised bed.

Vegetable Plants Home Delivered

vegetable plug plant growing organicallyWe have a wide range of Vegetable plug plants for sale online. If you have your raised bed or vegetable garden ready to plant in with good soil, why not try some of our vegetable plants.  Choose the vegetable seedlings you want from our range and we will send them to you in a seedling propagation tray ready for planting. You can easily choose your own combination of plants from a large amount of over 50 vegetable plant types including warmer climate crops like peppers and tomatoes as well as all the regulars.  Also available is a nice selection of herb plants that will give a good head start in the herb garden.

All of our vegetable seedlings are grown completely organically by us in our plant nursery without the use of any chemical plant feed or pest control products. The only thing we use on them is an organic seaweed feed. The herb and vegetable plants are all hardened off for at least a week before being dispatched so are ready to be planted out straight away. The seedlings are then put into reusable  seedling propagation trays and placed in a box that has been specially designed to make sure they arrive in perfect condition. Our vegetable plug plants are perfect for the beginner gardener and the more experienced alike. The varieties available have been specially chosen to grow successfully in our climate.


Handful of top quality vegetable compostBulk Bags of topsoil and compost

We home deliver bulk bags of top quality peat free compost and vegetable soil mix in large square metre bags each containing a huge 850 Litres. Vegetable plants suck all the nutrients out of the soil and once they have been harvested they leave the soil tired and lifeless. We supply a Large 850 Litre bag of peat free compost and manure soil improver. This compost is a mixture of composted plant material and manure that is packed full of nutrients to improve soil structure in the vegetable garden. 

We also stock and deliver a complete vegetable soil mix in the same 850L size bulk bags. It is a mix of soil, compost and horticultural sand and is the ideal mix for fruit and vegetable gardening. Our soil mix contains the following proportions; 40% screened topsoil, 45% peat free compost, and 10% horticultural sand for improving drainage.


Bag of worm casting compost


Compost bags

We also stock a wide range of smaller, more manageable composts and soil improvers ranging from 8 Litre bags up to 70 Litre bags. We have a new organic wormcast compost that acts like a nutritious, slow release, soil feed, as well as composts for every aspect of growing your own. From peat free seed compost, organically composted horse manure, planter composts, and ericaceous compost, to many different varieties of the multi-purpose stuff.




soil renew organic soil improver


Soil Improvers

Healthy soil is the foundation of any vegetable garden, whether we're talking about the growing in the ground, in growbags and containers, or in raised beds and planters. Food crops can be grown in poor soil if artificial fertilizers are added but eventually the soil will be rendered useless. We always recommend making your own compost (this is very easy and the quality will be perfect), and we also stock a selection of natural soil improvers and compost accelerators. We also have soil conditioners to unlock the fertility of your soil and organic moss killers for lawns.



soil ph meter tester with chart


Testing & Equipment

Where do I Begin? Start with what you already have, check your existing garden soil to see what, or if, it is lacking. A good pH soil test kit will quickly tell you pH level of your soil (acid or alkaline). Once you have this you can easily determine what will grow best in a given area, or what to add to the soil in order to grow other plants and vegetables. Adding compost for extra alkaline or ground limestone for added acid will change the soil's pH to the required levels. We supply ground testers, soil test meters, and soil thermometers as well as garden riddles and sieves for  sifting soils and composts.


planter compost coconut fibre dehydrated compost bale


Planter Compost

We are constantly being asked "What is the best compost or soil for raised beds?", and of course we recommend our vegetable soil mix and bags of compost. We also have handy bales of planter compost - compressed, organic coconut fibre, also called coir. Coir is peat free and has superior water retention making it ideal for raised beds, containers, vegetable planters, and hanging baskets. It comes dehydrated in 4kg bales, soaking it in approx 15 litres of water will rehydrate it to 60 litres. Vegetable plants love coir compost as it increases aeration in raised planters and containers and also retains water.