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Solar Garden Lights

Our outdoor solar garden lights utilise the latest innovations in solar, LED, and battery technologies to ensure the utmost reliability. They have been designed by The Solar Centre to perform all year round in the UK and Ireland. Most of the competing solar lights we looked at are designed and mass produced in far away places like China and as a result are optimised for their lighting conditions which are very different to our own. Having outdoor lights tested and built in our own backyard ensures year round reliability across our range of security lights, solar post lights, solar lanterns, shed lights, and outdoor string lights. They have been designed to achieve a full charge from our unique mix of sunlight and daylight, this means they do not need to be in direct sunlight to charge, our frequent cloudy overcast days will do the job just as well. This is where imported solar lights fall short, they don't take into account the major differences in climate and sunlight. Solar lights are the eco friendly way to light up any outdoor area, not just the garden. They can be used for camping, picnics, caravans, barns & stables, shop displays, and even on boats.

LED Lights
Modern LED lights are a world apart from the kind that were available only ten years ago, they have reached such innovative levels as to be indistinguishable from standard light bulbs. The LED bulbs used in our solar garden lights contain the latest and best technology that uses much less power making them more cost effective and long lasting. Installation couldn't be easier and there is no need for an electrician, timers, motion sensors, remote controls, twilight sensor switches and much more can also be added to meet any requirements. Led lights use only around one tenth the energy of a standard light and can last up to 25 times longer, this is why in recent years Led lights have become commonplace in outdoor lighting.

Security Lights
Solar security lights make a great deterrent for burglars and offer great comfort when away from home. They can also be set to light up a stretch of path or area outside your home to make it safer to walk at night. We have a range of solar security lights available from floodlights to smaller lights to aid the enjoyment of your lawn or garden in the long summer nights. A solar powered security light is very easy to install - no electrician required, and there are no operating costs whatsoever. The batteries are charged via the solar panels during the day and at night the light works as any security light would. Ideal for home use as well as commercial, industrial, and public buildings.

Solar Post Lights
Solar post lights are the ideal way to quickly light up any outdoor area. These are easy and clean with no wires or batteries to be checked or replaced. Post lights, also referred to as bollard lights, are perfect for lighting up pathways and walkways as well as the perimeter of a lawn or garden. The solar technology used is cutting edge and works even in winter, and the LED lights are of the most up to date variety that are brighter and longer lasting than ever.

Solar Lanterns
Solar powered lantern lights are the perfect complement to any outdoor or indoor space. The most obvious benefit of solar lanterns is that there are no leads that need to be plugged in and no batteries that require replacing. They are ready to be hung up or placed on the ground straight out of the box and like all of our solar garden lights there is no need for an electrician. These lanterns have no operating costs whatsoever.

Shed Lights
Solar shed lights are extra bright solar lights, they charge by day and only shine when you switch them on. Regular shed lights can be quite hard on the electricity bill as they are generally brighter to illuminate a larger area. Our solar shed lights can be installed in a matter of minutes without the need for an electrician and will reliably produce light after their first charge.

Outdoor String Lights
Solar string lights or fairy lights are the ideal light for decorative purposes, these can be placed anywhere you can reach as they don't need to be plugged in through a messy cable. These string lights charge up by day via the solar panel and are ready to illuminate your garden or outdoor area by night. The varieties we stock have dual charging capabilities which means they can also be charged up via a USB port. This extra charging method is especially useful if the lights are being used in an indoor setting.