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Succulents are colourful plants that have adapted to growing in dry conditions by storing water in their thick leaves and stems, similar to cactus plants. Succulents have become very popular as ornamental plants over the last few years due to their decorative qualities and photogenic nature. Instagram and Facebook seem awash with images of succulent and miniature cactus gardens springing from the smallest of containers, it was a photo of tiny succulent plants growing in a sardine can that piqued my interest in them in the first place. Their striking frosted blue, green, pink and purple leaves coupled with their unique architectural shapes makes them look amazing in any combination or setting, almost any arrangement of them will form a beautiful living centre piece for any office, windowsill, or table.

Succulent Plants

As gardeners, we're always looking for something to keep our thumbs green over the Winter months and succulents are the perfect fit. They need minimal watering or plant food and are very easy to propagate. Propagating will produce miniature versions of themselves, these are the tiny succulents commonly seen in small displays like matchboxes and tins. These can later be potted on and will go on to produce full sized plants, a wide and shallow container or bowl is ideal filled with a regular potting mix. Growing new plants from your own succulent garden can be a very consuming and rewarding hobby and deciding how to display them and what containers to use brings its own fun to the mix. Succulents also make a great gift idea, a small living garden in a nice container with potting mix is relatively inexpensive and very rewarding. The relationship between succulents cand cacti can be a tricky one in botanical terms, they are often lumped in together in books and on gardening sites. Succulents are the wider group that contains the cactus family, and as such, all cacti are succulents but not vice versa.


Succulent plants can be grown all year round with little to no maintenance and are perfectly suited to growing indoors on a windowsill. Succulents are hardy little plants and generally don't mind if you forget to water them every so often. Like Cacti, succulents are drought resistant plants whose leaves and stems have adapted to store water. They also love the sun and will be happiest inside sitting on a south facing windowsill in our climate to get the most from what little sunshine there is in the colder months.

Office Plants

Easy to care for plants like succulents are ideal for brightening up office space, they look great on a desk and provide something colourful and vibrant to look at when screen glare is becoming too much. A little oasis on the desk can provide a happy alternative to the usual detritus of the modern work space. Whatever your office looks like, whether it's a bright corner office or a cubicle , succulent plants will be able to survive. They actually enjoy the dry, warm air of a shared office and are perfectly suited to the long periods of low or no light outside office hours.