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Tools & Equipment

The big difference between Quickcrop and other online suppliers of garden tools is we are vegetable growers and use the tools we sell on a daily basis. Every year we grow 1000's of vegetable seedlings in our plant nurseries for you guys to grow but we also manage 2 large gardens for plant trials and to feed our hungry families and friends. Our online gardening tool shop stocks the tools we find the best for proper results, ease of use and crucially, long life.

Tools & Equipment Delivered
All Quickcrop tools are delivered straight to your door by our courier service. We carry a large stock of garden tools that can be packed and dispatched quickly to get your order to you without delay.

Hand Tools
I guess the best place to start is planting your seeds or seedling plants and that means garden hand tools. In reality you don't need much, a good stainless steel transplanting trowel will cover most jobs. Remember a hand tool like a trowel is something you will use all the time so it's worth spending a little extra and getting the best you can. I use the Burgon & Ball trowel as the blade is well finished with a very solid weld to the shaft and I like the feel of the ash handle. If you are looking for the very best in planting tools try the copper 'Castor' trowel from Austrian firm PKS, it is highly recommended by organic growing guru Charles Dowding and will actually reduce the amount of slugs in your vegetable garden!

I also find a dibber invaluable for marking out and making seed drills and for making planting holes for seedlings. We have a broad range of options including the Flash Gordon looking stainless steel dibber but I find the oak 'T' dibber the best as its 'T' handle gives a good purchase and the oak is pleasant to use.

Digging tools including Chillington Tools
Chillington garden tools form the cornerstone of our garden tools list, they were the first range we stocked and one we are always proud to sell. All Chillington digging tools use the same design where the cutting or digging blade is at right angles to the tool handle, they are a mattock style which has been around for thousands of years. The advantage of a mattock type tool is the right angled head gives you leverage making digging and clearing a whole lot easier. You will find the Chillington heavy duty hoe unsurpassed in speed for opening new ground while the Canterbury Garden Fork Hoe is one of the most versatile tools you will ever own. Have a look at our video on the these excellent gardening tools below.


The Oscillating or Stirrup Hoe.
No gardening tools list would be complete without the Oscillating Stirrup hoe, it is one of the best kept secrets in Organic gardening and is quite simply the best tool for keeping you soil weed free without using chemical weedkillers. Unlike a standard garden hoes or other weeding tools the Oscillating hoe carries a very sharp blade which pivots on the end of the hoe head. The pivot action means the hoe works on the push as well as the pull stroke and is angled so it pulls itself into the first inch or two of soil. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can work with this hoe and how you will actually begin to look forward to your weeding jobs!

Vegetable harvesting tools
I didn't think I'd need a special harvesting knife until I had lost the 4th or 5th kitchen knife in the garden accompanied by follow up complaints from herself. Personally I use the Vegetable Harvesting Knife from Burgon & Ball because it has a high quality hooked blade which is easy to sharpen. Harvesting tools are far more useful than you would think and are particularly good for cutting thick brassica (cabbage) stems, neatly taking a head of lettuce or slicing off leek roots. A long, curved blade allows you to slip the knife under foliage and accurately claim your prize.

Pruning tools
There are many jobs around the fruit and vegetable garden where a good set of secateurs comes in to its own. If you grow fruit bushes like raspberries, gooseberries or blackcurrants or tree fruit like apples or plums they will all benefit from a careful annual pruning. We stock the very best with the 'Felco' range of secateurs and pruners which really are tools for life with bullet proof construction and replaceable blades. Our pruning range also includes an excellent bypass secateurs from Bahco as well as a pruning saw, garden loppers and the incredible ratchet pruner for heavy work.

Garden maintenance tools
A vegetable garden always needs some maintenance to keep things ship shape so we've included a range of rakes, shovels, shears, long handled shears and other handy to tools to help keep things under control. My hands down favourite garden maintenance tool is the 'Golden Gark' shovel and rake which is a new lightweight tool that deals with a multitude of tasks. I use the 'Gark' to quickly clean up weeds after hoeing as it lifts the weeds while letting the valuable soil drop through the rake tines and for clearing up Autumn leaves which it is exceptionally good at, it really is a garden multi tool. You can see the Gark and the Oscillating hoe in action by watching the video below.

Our Top Tool Brands

Greenman garden toolsGreenman Tools
A traditional family owned business making garden tools of exceptional quality. The latest range has been inspired by the tools manufactured by the great grandfather of the latest generation of the Greenman family and display a build quality and attention to detail from an era when time moved a whole lot slower. Look after your Greenman tools and they will last a lifetime.


Chillington garden toolsChillington Tools
The Chillington Tool Company has been supplying the agricultural and construction industries with quality hot forged Hoes and Forks for over one hundred years. Using Quality high carbon steel, Chillington sets the highest standard for quality worldwide. Chillington tools are ideally suited to the toughest work and are excellent for clearing and cultivating with their perfectly weighted heads and heavy duty constriction.

Felco Secateurs and Pruning Tools
Swiss made Felco pruning tools have been the professionals choice since the 1940's and are simply the best you will get. I use a classic Felco No.4 which was purchased in the 1960's and is just as good as it was when originally purchased. These three company core values - ERGONOMICS, INTERCHANGEABILITY and DURABILITY - remain unchanged and have driven FELCO's business strategy since 1945.


Burgon & Ball
Burgon & Ball were founded in Sheffield in 1730 and are known for supplying high quality stainless steel tools that made the city famous. Burgon & Ball gardeners tools are endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society where they have undergone vigourous testing for ease of use, quality and finish, and durability.