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Grow your own vegetables using our range of healthy vegetable seedlings

quickcrop online vegetable seedlingsGrowing vegetables from seed is rewarding and fun but sometimes due to time constraints or lack of propagation equipment it just isn’t possible. Planting 4-6 week old vegetable plug plants is quick and easy and is most successful way to start a vegetable garden, especially for beginners.

Growing using Quickcrop vegetable seedlings instead of growing vegetables from seed has the following advantages:

Most vegetables are started off in early Spring when the weather in the garden can be changeable with a high risk of frost or cold and wet conditions. Pre-grown vegetable seedlings or vegetable plug plants are already strong enough to survive bad weather as the early stages of growth have been done under cover. All Quickcrop vegetable seedling plants have been hardened off before they are delivered meaning they are used to being outdoors and are ready to plant in your garden.

The delicate first shoots from a seed are also very vulnerable to attack from slugs or snails which can easily wipe out entire rows of emerging vegetable plants in a single night. Vegetable seedlings are different as they are large and healthy enough to resist the odd nibble.

buy vegetable seedling plug plants online at quickcropExcellent Root Growth
Our vegetable seedlings are started off in modular seedling trays in a specially formulated organic seed compost. Strong root growth is very important at the seedling stage as they are the foundation for healthy growth later on. We use a mix of standard organic seed compost and organic worm cast compost to achieve an impressive root system and a strong and healthy baby vegetable plant.

Get more from your garden over the gardening year
Vegetable seedlings grown in pots or modular seedling trays can be planted as soon as a previous crop is harvested meaning you save 4-6 weeks of growing time. You can also get a head start on the season for the same reason; plug plants can be put in as soon as the soil is warm enough in the Spring meaning you are 4-6 weeks ahead of the growing season.

Convenience - buy vegetable plants online
Ordering your vegetable plants online from Quickcrop is quick and easy with our unique vegetable seedling plant picker tool. Use our tool to scroll through the available vegetable plants for the correct time of the year and add your choice to the tray below. Growing information is available for each plant by clicking an easy to see icon so you can make an informed choice on what you want to grow in your kitchen garden. We have an extensive list of vegetable plants for sale from February to late September.

vegetable seedling plug plants in a tunnelNo experience? We show you how to grow vegetables
If you are new to vegetable growing you may need some help with what to plant in your vegetable garden and this is where we really excel. Quickcrop is one of the leading online vegetable gardening supplies companies in the UK because we are never very far away from our own gardens. Both directors of the business are expert vegetable growers and are always keen to give help and advice on your vegetable gardening project.

Our vegetable growers ‘Learning Centre’ is free to all our customers and contains an ever increasing library of ‘how to grow vegetables’ video tutorials and written support material. Quickcrop also hosts our unique ‘Growmatic’ growers software tool which enables you to project manage your garden from your desktop.

Raised beds and vegetable garden plans
Quickcrop are the leading suppliers of timber raised vegetable beds, soil mixes and all the organic plant feeds and top quality tools you are likely to need. Remember we are vegetable growers too and are happy that the supplies we use in our kitchen gardens will work as well in your garden as they do in ours.

We supply raised bed planting plans for most of our raised beds to help get you growing your own in record time. Planting a garden can be a little daunting for a beginner with different planting distances and requirements for the vegetables you might want to grow. We provide ready to use plans for a range of garden sizes using an amended version of the 'Square Foot Gardening' principle. At Quickcrop we have built our business on making it easy to 'Grow Your Own' straight out of the box.

A ‘Grow your own’ vegetable garden has never been easier, give us a try and let us exceed your expectations in what an online plant nursery can provide.

Quickcrop Vegetable Plug Plants Provide You With An Instant Growing Vegetable Garden
No Hassle Easy Gardening To Provide Healthy And Tasty Food For All Of Your Family.