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Quickcrop's Specially Selected Vegetable Seeds

The right choice of seeds really does make a huge difference. After years of trial and error and consultation with some of Ireland's top growers we've arrived at a very special selection of seeds.

Our seeds are especially well suited to the Irish climate with our short, relatively cool Summers.

The most important part of Quickcrops business ethos is to sell only the best products possible. So when it came to supplying seeds for their customers, Quickcrop had only one option and that was to start their own selective seed company.

Other seed retailers normally just provide to their customers the same old mass avaliable seeds, which will most likely be on sale in the South East of England and the West of Ireland. Is it any wonder why some people here experience such a high faliure rate when they attempt to grow vegetables and then give up vegetable gardening completely?  There is just no way a seed which may suit a dry warm climate could possibly thrive in the North West of Ireland with our unique weather.