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Vegtrug Planters

Vegtrug planters are large wooden trough shaped planters on legs, they sit off the ground at a comfortable working height and are completely portable. Vegtrugs are the easy way to have your own vegetable garden anywhere, from outdoors on patios, porches and balconies, to indoors in greenhouses, polytunnels or even in the house. In many ways a vegtrug is better than regular raised beds, it is a good deal taller and stands at a comfortable 1 metre in height. The main body of the Vegtrug completely contains all the soil so you have complete control over it, good healthy soil is the foundation of and most important part of any vegetable garden. The VegTrug has been designed to be easily built from the box and comes in a flatpack with full instructions for assembly. The timber used is sustainably sourced fir and is treated in vegetable gardening friendly stain to prevent rot. As stated vegtrugs are portable planters, they can be placed anywhere and even moved around when full to better catch the sun. Due to their quite stylish appearance and natural finish they will easily insinuate themselves into any existing garden design. The feet of the raised planters have protective covers to prevent the timber from soaking up liquid and potentially splitting.

Growing Vegetables

While alot of different flowers and shrubs can be successfully grown in a vegtrug, they have been specifically designed for growing vegetables, fruit, and herbs. The shallower areas near the sides are perfect for salads and herbs while the centre can be planted with deeper rooted crops like parsnips, carrots and potatoes thanks to it's clever 'v' shape design.
Vegetables in the planter are largely protected from slugs and snails, and other pests by the height of the trough, to be completely slug free try wrapping copper strips around the legs. The extra height also protects vulnerable vegetable seedlings from foot traffic and household pets.

The Vegtrug Range

Included in our extensive Vegtrug collection are the classic Vegtrug planters 1m and 1.8 metres long, the Wallhugger Vegtrug planters 1m and 1.8 metres long, the Raised Herb Planter, the Kids Vegtrug, Burnt oak barrel planters, and the innovative Vegi-Table Raised Garden Planter. Purpose built fleece, micromesh, and poly covers, frames, liners, and heavy duty cold frames are also available to get the most out of these garden planters. They help dramatically lengthen the growing season as well as offering reliable protection from pests, weather and disease.

Wall Hugger
The wall hugger is different from regular vegtrug vegetable planters as it has one flat side and can be placed flat up against a wall or fence for vertical growing. Ideal for those sections of the garden or polytunnel too narrow for a regular vegtrug planter.

Oak Barrel Planter
The burnt oak barrel planter is a wooden planter for patios, doorways, and walkways made out of timber in a burnt oak finish with a breathable plastic base to prevent rotting. It carries the vintage appeal of an oak cask and brings added class to any garden.

Herb Planter
The raised herb planter from Vegtrug has 8 sections for growing herbs, each neatly divided. It also has a very useful storage shelf on the bottom for keeping gardening equipment. The shelf is made from slatted timber for better drainage.

Kids Vegtrug
The Kids Vegtrug is the smallest planter from the vegtrug range, it has a smaller working height and depth and is ideal for teaching children how to garden.

Wheelchair Accessible

Vegtrug planters are designed to have a comfortable working height. All the planters in the Vegtrug range are wheelchair accessible, these include the 1m and 1.8m long vegtrugs, the 1m and 1.8m wallhugger vegtrugs, and the aluminium models. They are some of the tallest raised beds on the market to keep the need for bending down to a minimum while in use. Always remember if you are working from a seated positiion in a wheelchair to work sideways (over the arm rest), rather than  to the front as this prevents accidental falling and less reaching is required.

Planting A Vegtrug Raised Vegetable Planter

Growing vegetables in a Vegtrug raised vegetable bed couldn't be easier. These V shaped beds sit at waist height making
growing fruit and vegetables much easier for gardeners with difficulty bending, it's even wheelchair accessible. The clever
'V' shape means that longer rooted crops like carrots and parsnips can be planted along the centre of the planter, and
shallower rooted crops like lettuce and salads can be planted around the sides. Perfect for next to the back door.