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Wicker Storage Baskets

Rattan tapered log storage basketThe great thing about rattan and wicker baskets is that they are lightweight yet strongly woven so that they can easily take the strain of a full load. Handles and bases generally use a thicker wicker to reinforce carrying capability. It's easy to control clutter with a good storage basket and wicker and rattan make for the ideal storage solution as they are light, breathable and easy to move around.

Many of our baskets can hold a huge amount and they can be used as bathroom storage for towels, garden storage for gardening equipment, shoe and toy storage, as a kitchen storage basket and as a clean and tidy under bed storage solution. We have dedicated laundry baskets with or without lids in a variety of shapes for the bathroom, bedroom, or utility room.

Log Baskets
Wicker baskets seem tailor made for logs, turf, briquettes, coal and other solid fuel for the fire. A woven log basket has a rustic appeal not present in buckets or most fireplaces. They are light when empty and easy to carry when full with strengthened woven handles and reinforced bases so you can put your full faith in it's carrying capacity. We have a broad range of sizes ranging from our giant 26inch deep baskets for firewood to smaller and more manageable 14in basket for kindling. Linings made from either jute material or a thick plastic are available with some of the baskets, these help contain any dust that might fall through the weave and all over your floor.

Wicker rattan vegetable collecting basketGarden & Harvest Baskets
Some of the smaller wicker baskets have high handles for holding in the crook of your arm. They are hard wearing and perfect for harvesting and storing freshly grown fruit and vegetables, or for carrying tools and equipment. The wicker onion and potato storage baskets, or hoppers, are made to store newly harvested vegetables and dispense them as needed. They keep them fresher for longer and provide an attractive and rustic kitchen storage solution.

Gift Baskets & Hampers
Many of the baskets from our collection are ideal for making your own hampers or gift baskets. While the baskets on their own would make a nice gift idea, filling it smaller items always makes a gift basket much more than the sum of it's parts. All you need to do is get a basket and fill it with food, drink, confectionery, gifts, or basically anything and away you go. You can cover the gift basket with clear plastic and tie a ribbon around it to give it that professional looking edge.

RAttan log basket with hessian linerLined Baskets & Planters
We stock a lot of lined baskets, these are rattan or wicker baskets with a removable liner attached. The liner is usually made from an organic jute or hessian fabric and lines the entire inside of the basket.

Liners prevent a basket and it's load, particularly a log basket or one that is being used as a flower or vegetable planter, from making a mess. Small particles of sawdust, soil or dust from turf and logs can make their way through the tight weave and leave a build up on the floor. While baskets can be used as planters for container growing, we recommend using a lined basket with a plastic liner will retain your soil or compost but also help protect the wicker or rattan from rot.

Wicker is a plant based material traditionally made from plant stalks and shoots, these are tightly woven together to make them stronger. This process gives wicker an extra sturdiness while allowing it to remain lightweight. Wicker is most commonly used in baskets and household furniture, particularly log and laundry baskets, chairs and tables, as well as many other objects that would be moved around alot. Materials most commonly used for wickerwork are reeds, rushes, grass, rattan, bamboo, and willow.

Weaving a wicker storage basketRattan
Rattan refers to a family of palm trees and plants found in tropical regions. They produce long, thin vine like reeds and stalks that are perfect for weaving into baskets and furniture. The stalk can be stripped of it's skin, and both skin and inside used for furniture and basket making. Rattan is very lightweight and durable, it holds up very well if left outdoors and it can also be painted or varnished to match existing decor.

Basket delivery
All our baskets are delivered for our standard delivery rate of £3.95 no matter how many you order. We dispatch all orders the next business day after receiving the order, if an order is placed before 11.00a.m. it will be dispatched the same evening.